MEET our lead pastors

Giovanni and Fiona Boggio are our Lead Pastors since 2018 and have worked to provide consistent direction and oversee the team leaders within LPC in church initiatives and resources. They are faithful in the exposition of Scripture, and through this have built a congregation in their understanding and application of the Word of God to everyday life. Their mission in life is to bring people to know the love and kindness of Jesus Christ, especially to those who feel they cannot. 

Giovanni & Fiona Boggio

Lead Pastors


Our Leadership Team is to develop people to do the work of ministry and to lead others to do the same through organising activities and events that align with the LPC vision. Volunteer leadership goes far beyond scheduling bodies and completing tasks. The role is also one of team leadership with the responsibility to oversee day-to-day activity, but importantly building capacity, new systems, processes and resources to support the church support. All LPC leaders work to grow disciples of Christ individually to express His love through service and onto others.

Cesar & Nely Boggio

Spanish Ministry Pastors

Leti Campos

Leader of Ariella Women's Ministry

Fiona Boggio

Leader of the Kid's Ministry

Prema Veerasawmy

Leader of the Prayer Ministry

Caroline Choy

Worship Arts Leader